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Organic                                        All Natural

Non GMO                                     No Nitrates

Gluten Free                              No Additives


At Spicy Rooster we source only the highest quality, most robust spices from eco-friendly purveyors around the world. We are passionate about providing our customers with organic, all natural, unadulterated spice combinations that taste amazing and make cooking easier.



"The new standard for seasonings."

— Vintage Grocers
Full bodied flavors.
— Greg Swift - Founder of Dish Republic Foods


New York native and Executive Chef, Mike Lutz, has always been passionate about food.

Mike remembers, "My Grandfather would grow a variety of produce in his backyard garden in upstate New York, and my grandmother, well, she would take what he grew and create flavorful and authentic Italian inspired food. It was amazing to see what she could produce from that small kitchen." Watching his grandmother cook was where Mike began to appreciate some of the simple truths about food flavors, one truth he often tells young chefs, "keep it fresh and keep it simple." The other lesson he learned early in his restaurant career was, "season everything." 

Moving to SoCal from the East Coast Mike continued his work as a Chef and began to refine his spice blends. Spicy Rooster was born out of a desire to provide everyone with a hassle-free way to create and enjoy great tasting food.

What about the name you ask?

Mike has traveled to many countries where he has enjoyed tasting the local foods and researching flavor combinations, and it was on one such trip to Florence Italy where the name Spicy Rooster was born. While Mike was eating in a street side cafe he noticed that one of the entrees was labeled "Spicy Rooster", the name stuck and Spicy Rooster was born.  



Spicy Rooster is passionate about helping others. We consider it our responsibility to share hope, extend compassion, and inspire others to pursue their dreams. That is why a percentage of all proceeds go to support local charities and humanitarian organizations.